About Us

Our goal at Bur Oak & Winsor is to produce our next great show dog and your next best friend. Bullies aren't for everyone, but if a " 3 year old in a dog suit" , a "Dope on a Rope" or a "Bull Terrorist" sounds like your cup of tea..... JOIN THE FUN!
Bur Oak is located in Easthampton, Ma and Winsor in Somers, Ct. I whelp and raise most of the puppies until they turn into beasts (10-12 weeks!). Then they go to Marion's to run free and grow up. It works out well for both of us and the pups get the benefit of lots of handling, exercise and exposure to multiple enviroments, animals and people. Some pups start showing early and others need time to grow up mentally and physically. (And some never "grow up"!! The original Peter Pans.) At the appropriate time, dogs are given the health tests needed to clear them for breeding. A great deal of thought and consideration goes into picking the right dogs for breeding: linebreeding or out-crossing at the right time to improve on traits or virtues as needed.